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Hope you are all doing well and not too stressed. I am almost ready.

I was at the Superstition Museum last week for a book signing. I was inside the chapel where Elvis filmed his only non-singing role. I watched as Elvis filmed "Stay Away Joe" in Sedona, Arizona when I was about 11 years old. Odd that he and I should share the stage at the Superstition Museum. Most young girls would have been ogling over him, I was not. I have to say he was very pampered. I watched other actors film in the area and was more impressed by them. Maybe I was too young to appreciate his stardom.

I suggest that a worthwhile adventure is to go out to Apache Junction and visit the Superstition museum and then go up the road to Goldfield. This is the time of year to enjoy the desert.

I loved my experience so much that I am going back for the Authors and Artists event in February. Come down on Saturday the 16th from 9am to 4pm to meet other authors and artists.

I am having too much fun promoting Lizzie.

I get asked a lot when my next book will be out. I have a good start on it and I have plans for a second book on Lizzie. Yes folks, another book of stories. I will gear it towards younger readers, although it will be for any age. I have stories that I did not use in my first book (I did write three versions of her before I settled on a journal) that I personally liked but did not have room for them. Unless y'all wanted a big book!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday season. JK Hoffman


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