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Jacques, a talented writer

We were off and running with "Flagstaff's Forgotten Cowgirl" until my grandson Riley noticed a boo boo on the cover. It seems that Cowgirl was written as two words. Oops!

So Amazon is working on a correction. Sorry folks, but it should be up and printing again real soon.

I want to take this time to publicly thank my editor and writing coach Jacques Laliberte. If you haven't read his review on Amazon please take time to do so. He has such a beautiful way with words and writing. I am in awe of him. Talented writer.

Greg Orr has been one of my first fans. He was brave enough to read my very early writings and liked them. He is in rehab and recovering from surgery. We wish him all the best.

Keep checking in on the blog.

I am kicking around a second book on Lizzie as a young girl for younger readers. I will see how how that goes. I know I am not ready to give her up just yet. JK Hoffman


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