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Updated: May 18, 2018

WOW Does life ever slow down?

I need a secretary. I want to get started on other projects but I am too busy. I am finishing up loose ends to get Flagstaff's Forgotten Cowgirl in print. Writing a book is easy, it is the publishing and editing and dealing with my old computer that complicates things. Yes, my dear computer is on its last legs. It overheats and shuts down while I am in the middle of work. Very frustrating.

My husband Garry is a school bus driver and the schools are on strike in Arizona. So no work. Of course, my daughter and son-in-law also work in education so they are struggling also. I pray the legislature and Governor can see to it that we get back to work soon. Your prayers are appreciated.

My focus still remains to get Lizzie in print. What a woman she was, so ahead of her time. Her life amazes me. Never did I imagine the journey that she would take me on. That is why I am so anxious for all of you to get to enjoy her story. I know that it is getting closer to be in print but I cannot wait.

I have a phrase that I made into a bumper sticker: Have you been bitten by the Lizzie bug?

I made it up from friends who have helped me along the way as she seems to latch onto your heart and mind. They say they find themselves just thinking about her. Awesome. She wants her story told. Does she speak to me, yes. Am I crazy, no. I just listen and wait. She presents herself in many ways. Often, it is before I drift off to sleep. I will continue my research of her life long after this book is in print. Who knows maybe I will do another book just on short stories of her. That is if there is enough interest in her. Toodles for now. JK

After you read the book and you find yourself thinking of Lizzie, ask yourself this question:

Have you been bitten by the Lizzie bug? She gets to you and you will just think about her or something in the book.

Readers tell me that she hooks you in and captivates your imagination. Let me know at

I can get you a bumper sticker for $2.50 for one or $5.00 for three.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have fulfilled my promise to Lizzie to get her story told.

It is apparent that this was important to her. Don't send me away and lock me up just yet. Read the book. Enjoy her storytelling through me. Check in again soon, ya'll. JK


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