Arizona native and longtime Flagstaff resident Judy K. Crawford Hoffman was not a writer, but upon beginning research into her extended family's history -her husband Garry is a third generation Flagstaff resident arriving in 1883- she felt a story breathing somewhere close.  

   And then she met Lizzie - and began a year-long dialogue with her, 'hearing' her spin her tale, and -yes- writing it all down in the rough fashion of a woman smitten but still unsure of her destination.

   With her first draft in hand, Judy reached out to the publishing community and ran upon the person who would guide her through their shared journey. Writer and editor Jacques Laliberte read the manuscript and fell in love with the character Lizzie, helping Judy to faithfully coax her voice from a willing subject yearning to have her life remembered. . .

   Share the joy of discovering Lizzie and follow her adventures across the Midwest to Northern Arizona - and  thrill to her passion, doggedness, confidence and humor as she spins her tale.


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